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Please note that Hélène's calendar is often booked 6 months out. If you wish to be added to the cancellation waitlist contact the office directly.


New clients:

  • Free Online Meet and Greet Consultation (via zoom), 15min appointment. 




Integrated Coaching :

  • Mindfulness & Somatic Based Coaching, 45 min. appointment, $170. Using an array of tools from the realms of Positive Psychology, Mindfulness and Soma (the body) to guide and support you through your coaching agenda.

Other Integrated Coaching Services:

  • Pilates & Coaching, 30min $135. Move your body with a Pilates session (reformer) as we are coaching.

  • Energy Re-balancing & Coaching, 30min $135. Laying on the massage table, fully dressed, we will work with your energy body and body as we are coaching.

  • Trail Walk & Coaching, 30min $135. We will immerse ourselves in the majestic Pacific Northwest Nature and Forest, within the city of Bellevue, to meet promptly and efficiently. As we meander through the lush and calming trails we will work on your coaching agenda. 


  • Length: 30min, Price: $135

  • Length: 60min. Price: $220

New and Established Clients

A mindful walk through the forest, in which we will intentionally invite our entire Being to be present. Mindfulness, Somatic, and Qi-Gong might be some of the tools we will use. Followed up by sitting and talking about what might have come up.

We will meet at a public park in Bellevue, WA.

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