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A week of flow, quiet and silence, creativity and letting go.

As an artist, working with glass, I never know what will the outcome be. I put intent, love, work, and passion into each projects, and then I let go and release control letting the elements do the work.

I step into each moments with curiosity and wonderment, and an excited sensation of wanting to discover something new, push the boundaries, learn through process.

The result of a perfect piece is never my end goal, the journey of discovery and joy in process is what truly matters and feeds my being. But when all intersects and the results are also something my eyes enjoy gazing at, then I can say, It's been a good week! :)

It is an exercise in patience, an exercise in quieting the mind and trusting your heart. Working with fire at 1500f temperatures, elements of earth from the minerals in the glass and its gravity's pull to shape it, water to perfect the piece once it is finished, and air cooling and heating.

I attend to intent, but in the process of creative flow I find myself, and that truly is the joy.

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