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Receiving Abundance

Take 3 deep breaths in, center,

relax your jaw as you breath out, feel the pressure of the sit under you,

leaning into the sensation of that pressure, grounding yourself into your body.

Now read the somatic cue in the image below.

Once you have read it, stay with it, be curious about the possibility, where do you feel this in your body?

Just notice and be with it, read it a few times and keep on noticing how your body senses it, a sense of curiosity? excitement? tingling? openness? what is there for you?

Whatever is arising is exactly perfect, no need to think it through or analyze .

Just be with it.

If you would like to explore more about creating and receiving abundance in your life, let's connect and explore together whatever is in your way and creatively move into this path. You can book a free 15mn online session here.

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