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40 Days of Gratitude D21

Reality is the always-stable, never-disappointing base of experience. When I look at what really is, I can’t find a me. As I have no identity, there’s no one to resist death.

Death is everything that has been dreamed, including the dream of myself, so at every moment I die of what has been and am continually born as awareness in the moment, and I die of that, and am born in it again.

The thought of death excites me. Everyone loves a good novel and looks forward to how it will end. It’s not personal.

After the death of the body, what identification will the mind take on? The dream is over, I was absolute perfection, I could not have had a better life. And whatever I am is born in this moment as everything good that has ever lived.

I know that there is never anything to lose, so it's easy for me to hold nothing back from life. And because I give it everything I have, my life is complete in every moment. There is never anything undone. There is no moment in my life when I am not complete.

~Byron Katie.

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